QR Code based Track & Trace System


"QR code is one of the brand’s best youth-oriented marketing ideas"

QR Code based Track and Trace System is a latest technology which could contain more information in one QR Code within a given small space on the label such as Name of Brand, Item Code, Batch No., quantity , Date of manufacturing, Company name etc. An Auto Applicator will apply the holograms on the object on the Conveyor Belt only. After applying the labels at the time of packing, object put into the carton will be scanned and all the Barcode on the cap of object will generate a master carton label which will contain information of all the objects that have been packed and scanned in the carton. This label will have a QR Code from which, the detailed information can be fetched on one click as to how many Objects are there inside the carton and details thereof.


1. Minimizes fake / counterfeit products in the market

2. End to end track and trace for products

3. Reduces tax/duty (excise duty) theft due to end to end tracking.

4. Reduces Cross State Infiltration

5. Inventory clarity at all branches / junction.

6. Reduces batch/product mismatch

7. availlability of data effective decision making using analytics

8. option to use Loyalty programs based on QR code / barcode platform


Holography is the most efficient, cost-effective and foolproof brand and product security system in the world, that successfully prevents counterfeiting and forgery. In it's technical definition, holography is the method of producing three dimensional image and other features of an object by recording on a photographic plate or film the pattern of interference formed by a split laser beam and then illuminating the pattern either with laser or with ordinary light. Since, now a days, holograms become widespread and multiple producers came into market, therefore, it is essential to incorporate non holographic features in order to make hologram more secure and anti-counterfeit. Hologram provides manufacturers and consumers with the highest level of security for products, packing and documents. Security Holograms can eliminate counterfeits and forgeries from the market place. Since the Holograms are widely used in identity documents, credit cards, consumer goods, medicines, electronic items, passports etc. and because of the enhanced trust of the consumers in the holograms, it is proposed to introduce holograms with enhanced security features with QR code.


QR code Scanning by using Mobile

QR code with Hologram

This image shows us an example of QR code scanner process used for shopping purpose..


  • Intelligent track & trace system
  • Fast authentication
  • Randomly generated, individual security codes
  • Traceability along the entire supply chain
  • High data transmission speed and range
  • Wide range of finishing options
  • Protection from forgery and counterfeiting
  • Curbing of black and grey market activities

Fig a

Fig .b


System Flow:

In today’s world, when offshore manufacturing is very common, and most of the products are available globally, supply chain visibility is the biggest challenge for any product manufacturing business. Implementing product serialization with the help of QR code tracking and tracing helps manufacturers in managing their supply chain efficiently.

Product serialization is the process of assigning a unique identity to each saleable product item. This identity can be assigned by affixing a unique code on each product item, usually in the form of QR code or NFC or RFID, etc.

Once your products are serialized, you can identify each product item and track its journey with the help of its assigned code using a serialization software platform.